Advice on Buying and Fitting Timber Wood Gates

The Timber-wood gates are hard to maintain and hence if you do not have the time to take proper care of them they can become ugly pieces of wood acting as your door. There are various agents that can damage your gate. The weather and the wind are some of the most common enemies of your beautiful garden gate. There is very much movement in the Timber-wood gates due to weather and temperature.

If you are adding additional openers to the gate then the gate will be subjected to extra load and extra stress.

This can reduce the life of your Timber-wood gates. You can apply a number of procedures that will help you to reduce the stress and twisting of the Timber-wood gates. You can strengthen your Timber-wood gates by adding a metal bracing along the joints of the timber.

This will allow you to make the gate stronger and firmer so that it can withstand against the weather and the temperature.

There should be a great deal of preparation also made to fit your Timber-wood gates. This is to ensure that your gates are fixed properly on your garden. There are a number of things you need to determine before you start to fix the gates. You should be able to estimate weather your Timber-wood gates will be able to open above the standard ground level or not.

Also you should estimate if your Timber-wood gates will be in level with the posts in between them once they are fitted.

A good way of doing this is to first make a sketch of the gates. The sketch will help you to determine weather your gate will hung behind or between the posts. Before planting the Timber-wood gates, make sure that the ground clearance for the gates is of sufficient height so that the gate is in correct level once it is installed.

There are painting choices that you can make for your Timber-wood gates.

You can either opt for water based paint or solvent based paint. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. The water based paints give better retention of gloss and color while solvent based paints will offer a superior one coat hiding.

A good quality paint will ensure a good start, and will be better value for money in the long term than the less expensive paints. When choosing paint its a good idea to use the manufacturers full system. It is generally necessary to use a primer to seal the wood, followed by undercoat and then a top or gloss coat.

Generally speaking painted gates should be examined for signs of paint cracking, splitting or blistering all signs of the need to clean and scrape off loose paint before the painting process is repeated.


About the Author (text)An article by Scott Demaret for buying and fitting Timber Wood Gates. http://www.villagetimbergates.co.uk/

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