Loading a Trailer for Moving

In preparing to move your belongings from one residence to another, you will have a lot of packing and loading to do. Most people dread this part of the moving job, but it is important and requires careful thought and planning. One of the most delicate procedures is loading a trailer with your furniture and personal effects. Although professional movers often handle this task for you, it's still a good idea to supervise the loading and unloading to be sure things don't get broken and do get placed where they belong. When packing up your things for moving, ask your moving company if they provide cartons for this purpose. If not, perhaps the company representative can recommend a preferred type of conveyance to minimize the risk of breakage and damage.

The movers may be able to suggest packing tips, as well, that will make the process more economical and help to ensure safe transportation. Obviously, you will want to pack similar items together. Don't put something breakable in the same box as something that is unbreakable unless you wrap them separately and protectively. As you load, mark, and seal the cartons, stack them in like manner so that the same kinds of items are in separate areas of each room. Be sure to indicate which side of the carton is up, and which, down.

Movers generally will load the larger or heavier items together near the back of the trailer, with smaller or lighter items at the front. This allows for easier and faster unloading at the new location. At the time you place your order for a moving trailer, try to correctly estimate the size that will be needed for all your belongings. Since trailer rentals can be costly, you naturally will not want to rent one that is larger than you need, but neither do you want one that is too small, or you could end up paying double of what you expected when you have to extend the moving process or return the trailer and exchange it for a larger size. When the movers arrive, you might want to quickly inspect the trailer's interior.

Look for debris, bugs, or rusty areas that could stain furniture. Typically, movers use drop cloths or old bedspreads to cover furniture items to keep them from getting dirty or scratched. Make sure these covers are clean and ready for use. Otherwise, consider spending a few dollars to buy your own. Ask about the trailer rental company's insurance policy in case of an accident to your belongings. While you might prefer to transport the most valuable or irreplaceable items in your car, larger possessions may have to go in the trailer, and you will want to know up front what to expect in case damage occurs.

Moving day is not easy, but with a little forethought and communication with your trailer rental company, it can go fairly smoothly, so plan ahead for best results.

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