Western Bar StoolsBring the Country Excitement Right into Your Home

There's no cooler seating than western bar stools to bring the feeling of the rugged outdoors back inside. These great stools can be used anywhere they're deemed suitable. It can be at a breakfast bar, pub table, around a pool table, even in the barn if you want.

As long as you have the décor to go with them you'll have the best seat in the house. Western bar stools are extremely popular in certain businesses that deal mainly with the outdoors such as horse barns, rodeos, boarding places, outdoor adventure guides etc. Country and western bars are also an ideal spot for these types of barstools. Western bar stools are typically made of some type of wood although there have been some made of wrought iron seen on the market also.

You'll find them to be made with extreme attention to detail. The extravagant extras such as nail heads, tassels, and saddle seats all add to the rough cowboy themes. Great carved legs and feet along with tough leather seats are considered a main stay for this type of stool. You'll notice that most of these stools have a real heavy look to them.

Thicker wood legs and heavy seats and backs help to give the look of powerful and strong support system to each stool. They're considered to be some of the strongest and sometimes most expensive stools on the market. Once you get all that carved wood and sometimes throw in some nicely padded leather seats and backs you can get yourself a nice hefty barstool. The leather and other hides used in these stools really do make them fit in to any western décor.

The seats on most western stools are typically a little bigger in size that the modern styles of today. These were designed to allow lots of room for the bigger cowboys and all their gear. The seats are also usually either round or square with not much other variation in shape. The material used is also very rugged and will stand up to a lot of abuse, making them ideal for high traffic areas and even outdoors.

Since no two trees or cow hides are alike western bar stools are often very unique to one another. The designs will be the same with some beautiful small different details to make them stand out. Anyone looking for that outdoor western look will have a hay day with the great selection of stools. The internet is by far the best place to shop as you can find some great deals from big manufacturer's right down to the smaller custom guys. Put on your cowboy hat and sit right into the sunset on your western bar stools.

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Western Bar StoolsBring the Country Excitement Right into Your Home - Western bar stools are very unique on their own.

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