Tips Before You Use Dehumidifier

If there is too much or too little moisture in your home, you might want to think about buying a dehumidifier to help balance things out. If your air is too dry, you could end up with dry and itchy skin and cracked furniture. If your air is too moist, you could have itchy skin, water damage to your furniture and other items and mold growth. These are all problems that can be remedied by a dehumidifier. Moisture can creep into your home from many unexpected sources and a dehumidifier will aid in eliminating it from your life. Some of the sources of moisture are attributed to the soil outside of your house, water drainage and damp air.

The inside sources of moisture come from breathing, sweating, showering, taking baths, washing dishes and drying clothes inside. You can check the level of moisture in your home by purchasing a hygrometer. This will tell you the level of relative humidity in your home and will determine whether you would benefit from a dehumidifier or not. A hygrometer is a inexpensive way to find out if you suffer from a moisture problem. A regular hygrometer is usually under $10, while a electronic hygrometer will sell for $35-60.

If you do end up needing a dehumidifier, you will have to decide what kind would work best in your home. You could get a dehumidifier that uses a heat pump to remove moisture without cooling the air down at all. If that type of dehumidifier won't work for you, considering using a chemical absorbent one. This works best in very hot and humid climates and won't work in places that get cold often. You can make your own dehumidifier by using salt to absorb moisture from the air. You can buy dehumidifiers in many stores worldwide or on the web.

Don't forget to use the hygrometer before you buy the dehumidifier to determine if you truly need one or not.

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