Artificial Grass For Easy Lawn

Maintaining a lawn can be really time and efforts taking as you have to spend much time on mowing, trimming, spraying, and fertilizing the grass. You pay bills for watering and electricity. When you are going on holidays you ask your neighbors to take care of your lawn.

And when you finally have the ideal lawn of your dream you are afraid that kids or pets can disturb or damage it. Is there a way for having easy lawn without extra maintenance efforts and problems? Yes, if you use artificial grass. Artificial grass (artificial turf) is a pioneering product made of polymer fibers that offers the opportunity to own a healthy lush looking, practically no maintenance lawn all year round.

With artificial lawn never again you will have to look at ugly scorched grass in the summer, you will never have to water the grass and it stays green and lush all year round. Artificial lawn is child friendly that makes it perfect for playing and rolling on as well as for picnics and inflatable swimming pools, and such lawn is pets-friendly and proof as well. Artificial turf may be applied to any size or shaped garden including roof terraces and patios and it is the perfect answer to muddy patches that arise in shaded areas, and moss does not easily occur. Thanks to the very strong back on which the grass is attached, roots have no chance as they cannot grow through. This applies also for moles.

They will stay underneath the grass. Artificial grass is the best choice for a natural looking lawn at your vacation residence. The advantages for installation of the grass at your vacation residence are: - Cost savings in maintenance; you won't need time of your gardener to cut, maintain and water your lawn.

- Cost savings in water use; you will drastically decrease your water bill! On average you can save up to 50% of your water use. Especially when your bill is scaled pro-rated on your water use, this can have a tremendous impact on your monthly water bill. - Tranquility; during your stay at your vacation residence, you will be less bothered by maintenance people in your garden since artificial grass needs no mowing or watering or other weekly maintenance.

Always green, your lawn at your vacation residence will always look perfectly green and well maintained with artificial grass. Water sprinkler systems could fail during your absence, or even your water flow could be stopped for any reason. Natural grass would rapidly become yellow and die. With artificial one, you won't need to worry about this any more. Is it fire safe? High quality artificial turf must comply with the most severe norms for fire safety. Artificial grass is also used in the aviation industry next to runways.

Of course elaborate tests with flammable liquids have been done and the results of these tests were satisfying. Just like on carpet, when for instance coals fall unexpected on artificial grass, the coals will leave scorch marks, but hot coals will not set the grass on fire. Does it need any maintenance? Like almost anything, artificial grass needs maintenance as well. Though, the maintenance will be minimal. The special coated quartz sand, especially when the grass is used intensively, will compact after course of time.

Therefore, it is advised to fill up the grass again with the quartz sand once a year. Furthermore, it is required that all natural debris, like leaves and seeds, are removed when necessary from the grass to prevent weeds coming up. If weeds however do come up, they can be removed by using a rank. The roots of the weeds can never grow deeper than 2 centimeters since the grass is manufactured on an anti-weed fabric. To clean artificial lawn a blower can be used without any problems. Due to the fact that the grass is very even, the leaves will be blown away easily by use of a blower.

When a leave plunger is used, it is very important to use it carefully to prevent plunging the infill sand. Artificial grass is not damaging for the environment. Even better, it helps the environment as it does not need any water, pesticides, fertilizing or mowing.

That makes a great difference, especially with the hot summers, and in dry and water restricted areas in countries around the Mediterranean sea, artificial grass can save tremendous amounts of scarce water that is being used for watering natural grass. Of course, artificial grass needs to be recycled in an appropriate way after its use. How to choose artificial grass for easy lawn? Choose high quality product that will ensure beautiful color in all weathers, season after season, year after year. To ensure lasting color of the lawn, the artificial grass must have no fade guarantee. For safe usage it must be made of non-toxic materials.

Ask about installation as only specialists can properly install artificial turf taking care of the optimal drainage and surface preparation, after which the grass will be installed and with an eye for detail it is finished on the site.

Julia Ramyalg View and buy Artificial Grass online from UK's Premier Supplier of Artificial Grass Royal Grass® with 10 years of No Fade Guarantee, it is safe and child proof.

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