Better Living Sunrooms With Glass Walls

The best colors for a glass sunroom are the soft pastel shades that increase the energy efficiency of the room as well as make it look bigger. Add some aquatic plant and an aquarium with wicker furniture and a rustic, earthy looking sunroom is all yours to boast of. The glass rooms have fully insulated quarters and bring in a better appeal to your house. Your sunroom becomes the place where you can sit pretty and let your hair down to enjoy a midsummer afternoon, a warm cup of coffee in winter, and the pattering rains in the monsoon. When thinking of building a glass sunroom you have to keep a few points in mind like the thickness of the walls, the kind of substance to be used, the entire size of the room, the height of the walls, the width and thickness of he insulated panels, the live load and the wind load, the kind of wood to be used and the particulars of aluminum alloy. Key Factors of Designing Remember the keep the color of a lighter shade when designing the sunroom.

This is because of a number of advantageous reasons. A lighter shade helps to conserve the energy efficiency of the room. This results in the rooms being warm in winter season and cool in the summer season. Also, the lighter colors blend in naturally with any kind of furniture in the room and hence can be suitable for any variety of sunroom for any number of purposes.

Then again, a lighter shade makes gives the room a bigger and cleaner look. Soft hues of crme, green, pink, blue and white are some of the choices from a huge palette that you can pick from to paint your sunroom. Because the sunroom fills the enclosed space with the suns rays, you need to place an aquatic or organic element in the room to balance the effect.

Small water fountains or beautiful aquariums look very well placed in better living sunrooms. The gurgling sound of the water gives a musical dimension to the sunroom and not least is the fact that it increases the energy efficiency of the sunroom to a good extent. You can also put water vessels and fill them up with aquatic plants like lilies and duckweed, for example. Put golden fish inside the water container to make the garden look alive and fresh all the time. To give the best finishing touch select from a range of wicker furniture and accessories like mattresses and blinds or bamboo tables and chairs to lend an earthy, rustic look to your sunroom. When constructing, you must make use of the hideaway screw technology with replaceable screens which are stretch resistant.

California sunroom provides you with a design of split level with modern dimension. For more information you can consult Temo sunroom. Better living sunrooms are an extremely beautiful creation inside which you can partake the joy of basking in the energetic morning rays of the sun and also take pleasure in the cooling light of the evening. You only need to give it a touch of designer ambience. Now you have the perfect place for relaxation and comfort, a home away from home!.

Andrew Caxton is a syndicated editor of http://www.allsunrooms.com .Keep reading about Temo sunroom and house additions at his web.

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