Character Morals in Politics that HELP your Child

Mixing politics with martial arts, character, and confidence . Could be a fairly flammable combination. Oh well, a political rant along with a message. I get so sick of hearing about the Democrats and Republicans.

I may have already irked some reading this. Am I saying that I'm not a Democrat or Republican I guess I'm for working together and getting the job done. It seems to me that before a politician worries about party affiliations he/she should worry about whether he/she is a person concerned for the goodwill of America and Americans. Seems to me that our political mess falls far short of worrying about America and Americans. I'm sure that there are some very good, bright people in the political arena.

Seems that much of that goes down the tubes when they mix with their party. Come on people. This is not that hard to figure out.

So what can we learn from our politicians? Take a look at our political friends and do what Earl Nightengale would have said, " Do just the opposite of what the majority is doing" Here are a few things that we might consider doing that are opposites of what many of our elected officials are doing * Work together as a team. Often times putting our differences aside and learning how to get along and work towards the common goal are the best learning experiences that we can experience. Do it for the common good and not for the party affiliation or special interest group.

* Do what you say you are going to do. Do not assume that if you spin the story enough times and feed people enough horse doey that now they will believe your all to unbelievable story. The number of times you spin a yarn does not change the fact that it is still a yarn. * Spend your time and your money wisely. Get the facts, the real facts, and then make an educated decision. * Be your own person.

Know what you want and listen to your inner voice, conscience, spirit, or whatever you wish to call it. Most often you are right. Don't follow the crowd and lose who you are. Along with this idea, say something if something is wrong. Going along with the wrong thing does not make it right just because everyone else is doing it and you do it long enough. We are not lemuels marching to the sea.

I want to thank our politicians for their lessons in life. I hope that they stop long enough, sometime soon, to learn some of the lessons that they make so very clear to all of us. Do the right thing, Fred Nicklaus.

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