Comprehensive Features Of Puma Air Compressor

You must have heard about Puma. Of course when it comes to buy an air compressor the name Puma instantly hits the mind. Why not when it is one of the renowned names in manufacturing different types of air compressors? Among the different models of air compressors from Puma the screw type air compressor has been set up with very comprehensive features with most utility to run different machines. The integrative compressor machine is exclusively German made. It is a high efficiency machine where the unit of screws is from the Rotor Comp, another German company and the electrical panel and box is from Siemens.

So you see that how all branded quality equipments are clubbed together to make the Puma air compressor. Designing of the cabinet The cabinet of the air compressor is not heavy and very convenient to move from one place to another. Quite handy and also has a trendy look. The cabinet has been so devised that sound from it won't flow out and cause any disturbance to the nearby people.

The more the cabinet is durable; the long-lasting is the machine of the compressor. For providing better durability the cabinet is covered by a powdery substance so that it cab bear wear and tear. There is also no hassle in keeping the cabinet clean.

Specifications of Technical side of the air compressor Even with high-graded equipments the working of the Puma air compressor is not up to the mark, what's the use then? There are specifically two aspects of the technical part of the operating of the machine. One is definitely related to the control aspect and another is the safety and security part. The equipments involved in the control panel of the Puma air compressor have been devised with the latest technology and in a scientific order. The machine will start and stop with specific ready, start and stop buttons. The control of pressure is most vital in any type of air compressors. In Puma this is done by two separate equipments, the discharge pressure gauge and the recover pressure gauge.

There is an automatic emergency button for the shut down of the machine. This provides more security. Regarding the security aspect the temperature of the compressor is vital.

There are chances that the compressor gets heated up. To control this there is a heat circuit breaker. To control the pressure a safety valve is present along with the compressor.

The flow of current is always regulated and observed through the main monitoring apparatus. All these work together behind the generation of power in the Puma air compressor. And Puma has been always known for its hazard free services.

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