Does Educational Software Have a Place in Home Schooling

Home schooling presents some unique teaching situations. With a small number of students, some interactive exercises can't be performed. Students may not get the benefit of competing against other students or playing team learning games.

Home school software can be used to fill this need and infuse fun into the home school classroom. The beauty of home school software and most types of educational software is that the programs are designed for students to use independently of each other. This means that you do not have to have a large group of students to use the program.

Your competitive youngster can race against a computerized opponent or even his own best score using home school software games and activities. Another benefit of home school software is that, unlike a workbook, it is not a consumable product. One advantage of software is that it can be used by subsequent students when they reach the appropriate age. This allows you to save some of your money as you shop for home schooling supplies. Not all home school programs are in a game format and you will find many that provide more structured learning. For example, if you would rather not go through the mess of dissection in your home, consider purchasing a simulation program that allows the student to see real graphics of a dissection being performed.

You can even couple this program with a few dissections of your own that are a little less messy. As students advance in grades, science software can be used to perform virtual labs or to supplement home school labs. Home school software is a great way to reinforce concepts you are teaching your students. For instance, when you are teaching your children how to type, you can use a typing program to give them the practice time they need. Of course, there are many math reinforcement software programs on the market that give kids the chance to practice math facts and skills in a fun, inviting way.

When your older students are ready to prepare for the ACT or another college entrance exam, consider purchasing test prep software. This will give your students the edge that other students may not have. It will also save you the expense of enrolling your child in an expensive SAT/ACT prep course. College entrance prep software provides practice questions, practice exams and answer explanations. It is highly individualized to the user's weaknesses and areas needing improvement. Your student can prepare for the test on her own schedule, rather than being tied to a class schedule.

One of the benefits of homeschooling is the chance you have to explore the subjects your children are the most interested in, while at the same time ensuring that the basic core concepts in all subjects are covered. For instance, if your children love to learn about the solar system, you can take the time to explore this subject to its fullest. Since software titles exist for many unique topics, home school software can be used to indulge the special learning interests of individual students.

Computer programs are a fun, engaging way for children to explore their interests, and when your kids are interacting with the computer, you are freed to work on other areas of your home school, such as checking papers or working with your other children. With all of the benefits provided by home school software, you will want to set aside some of your curriculum budget to purchase some games and programs for your children to enjoy!.

From Algebra to Wildlife and everything in between, find software to supplement your home school classroom at All Educational Software.com

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