EasyAsPie Knitting Gift Idea

Easy-As-Pie Knitting Gift Idea #5! Time certainly does fly! Even though we can't see time, or touch it, we know it has wings! Here it is almost Christmas, and Hanukkah is a mere week and a half away! Oh ? what to knit in a hurry! If you're like me, you tend to do some holiday things ahead of time, and some tasks are left for "when I have more time." Right! Little, easy knitted gifts can be worked up in no time, and are always appreciated by whomever is lucky enough to receive them. So, the next time you are sitting in front of the TV, get knitting! For my last easy-as-pie knitting gift, I have a special Christmas pattern. It's for a knitted stocking ornament and can be knit in a few hours.

Use them on your tree or for package decorations! Loop a dozen or so together for a merry Christmas garland. Whatever you can think up, you can't go wrong. I know you have lots of leftover yarn just waiting to be used somewhere! Well, here's a great way to put that yarn to good use. Here's the pattern: Knitted Stocking Ornament Size 2 needles, small amounts of red, white and/or green yarn.

(If size 2 is too small, go up a size or two.) Cast on 18 stitches using the white yarn. Knit one row, purl one row, knit one row.

Cut the white yarn leaving enough yarn to sew up the white part or make a loop. Using the red or the green yarn, beginning with a row of knit stitches, knit twelve rows of stockinette stitch. The twelfth row should be a purl row. 13th Row: Knit across twelve stitches.

Turn the work and purl across six stitches. Work nine more rows on the center six stitches. The last row will be knit. With the right side facing you, pick up and knit five stitches down the side of the "foot". Knit the six stitches to the end of the row.

Turn the work. Knit across the six stitches at the beginning of the row, the five stitches that you just picked up and knit and the six "middle" stitches. Pick up and knit five stitches on the remaining side of the "foot". Knit across the last six stitches.

28 stitches should be on the needle. Knit in garter stitch for three more rows. The last row: Knit across fourteen stitches. Turn the halves of the sock right sides together.

Weave the stitches together and sew up the back of the stocking. Make a loop and hang it up. These stockings are easy to knit, and you can make as many as you like! These are also great for children or small groups and for those non-knitters in your life, they will always be amazed at what knitting talent you have!.

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