Here Is A Quick Way To Dress A Naked Deck

A patio is a concrete slab attached to your house. That slab is only useful for outdoor living a few hours a day if that much. It's a great place to keep the grill and some outdoor furniture but lets face it, It's naked. Not only is it naked but it's also very ugly. Might just as well be in the middle of the back yard under a big old tree if you have one. It would be a lot more livable under that tree.

You and I like comfort, were made that way so why sit on a uncovered naked patio in the middle of the day. It's down right torture! Like anything in life there is a way to overcome this situation and that is to install a retractable awning over that patio or deck. The advantages to adding that retractable awning are numerous.

Lets take a look at five of the most popular reasons: Use the patio twenty four hours a day. When ever you want to use the patio it will be ready for use. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be enjoyed on the deck that has a retractable awning. Gone will be the days of needing to plan your parties around what position the sun will be in. You have freedom to party anytime and be comfortable.

Let the party begin! Adding another room to your home. We are all looking to get more space and use out of our homes. Adding that retractable awning is the same as adding another room to your home.

You can use it anytime, for almost any purpose and be comfortable and snug as a bug in a bed. 20 degrees cooler under the retractable awning I know that sounds hard to believe but some of the newer layered materials will give you that much temperature differential between being under or outside of your new retractable awning covered deck. That's like having outside air conditioning. I know I can't stand to sit around outside with no covering when it's between 90 and 100 degrees. I don't think you would find that comfortable either.

Especially if you're there soaked in sweat, trying to fan yourself which just makes you hotter and all the time pretending to have fun. I remember sitting under a big old tent in July at camp meeting in Florida. That was not very comfortable. If only they had this new layered material what a difference it would have made. We probably would have been so comfortable that we all "flied away".

Increases the value of your house! Did you notice that the houses they put on the front cover of the for sale real estate magazines all have awnings? There is a reason for that. The curb appeal of your house is greatly increased by adding that retractable awning to your deck or patio. Any home with awnings just naturally looks better that the identical naked home. You would not go to an interview naked. Why would you allow your home to be shown naked? Easily Installed! A few common tools and a couple of hours and you have your new retractable awning installed and best of all in use. If you do run into trouble or just want to ask a question there is a hot line for you to call, get your questions answered giving you peace of mind.

A local handyman can install the retractable awning in a couple of hours if your not able or just plain don't want to. Don't let another summer season go by with out a retractable awning. Make this the year you get to enjoy your "dressed" patio or deck.

Terry is a retired decorator living in Southern Florida. You can get more information aboutretractable awning here. His web site Window Blinds Guide cover what happening in the world of window blinds

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