How Black Mold Affects You And What You Can Do About It

The toxic kind of "Black Mold" is known as the Strachybotrys atra. This slimy, greenish black substance can actually lead to health risk such as asthma and bronchitis. Studies conducted by the Center of Disease Control or the CDC reflect that this mold is the reason for over "100 cases of lung disorders." Molds can also be located in anyone's home. These industrial molds may not be toxic and it takes a lot of time and effort to specify which mold is toxic and which isn't because it will entail laboratory exams. However, the best conclusion we can tell you is that if a mold is found in your home, it is considered to not be a healthy home.

Mold is a parasite which attaches itself to various hosts: be it people, animals, clothes, shoes or even the doors and windows of houses. These spores grow faster when it is moist and damp. Some molds even develop under water. Look above your ceiling now and check for molds. If there is a spot which is frequently wet from rain and drips a lot, chances are you'd see some molds there.

Also, go to the bathroom and check your tiles. Chances are there is a bit of a mold there. Wall paneling and cardboard, they can have molds in it. Even cotton.

Clothes you haven't worn for a long time now and has been stocked up in the attic or in the basement can have molds attached to it. Try touching a mold. It is slimy. Try rubbing it on the surface. It would smear its greenish and blackish fluid. Once you see a mold, try to remove it when you can.

Clean it up as soon as possible. Although these can be easily done if the infested area is small like leak and plumbing problems. These can easily be handled by bleach and water.

If you want, you can also add soap to the solution that you have handy there. Apply the bleach solution to the moldy are and let it stay there for about fifteen minutes. Then concentrate on the surrounding areas. This will lessen the chance for the mold to spread any further. If the mold is located in insulation or on fabrics like carpet, then it will be harder to remove it. An infested area that is over 2ft is termed "highly infested" and it is something you cannot remove on your own.

It is best you seek professional help in eradicating that risk. If you ignore the molds, this could result to flooding and possible health risks. It is because if you take these molds not as serious as you should, they can actually lead to you inhaling them, therefore risking your health. Prevention is better than cure and you can actually apply these preventive measures so you won't have any black mold to eradicated in the first place. - Keep the humidity down in your house. Double check if the ventilation is just right in rooms in your household - specifically the bathroom and the kitchen.

It is because molds usually appear in these two rooms. - Before painting any of your walls, add mold inhibitors. - Clean the carpet by using mold killing products even if there is no mold found.

The same applies in the bathroom tiles and corners. It may seem to not be a problem but it is. Black mold are something everyone must learn how to eradicate and better yet, prevent.

In institutions, black mold can actually cause an allergic reaction to people who have allergies to black mold. People who also have respiratory problems such as asthma may also have their attacks triggered through these infested areas. A clean home is a mold-free home. Molds are a form of bacteria.

Just like any kind of bacteria, it must be extinguished as soon as possible.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://mold.home-webzone.com/ where you can learn more about controlling all types of mold.

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