How Can A Full Service Moving Company Help Save You Money When You Are Moving From Dallas To Phoenix

When you are preparing to move from Dallas to Arizona, you have a big change ahead of you. This is a busy time in your life, and you will certainly be looking for ways to relieve some of that stress off of your shoulders.

There are two stressful things about moving, and the biggest one is the cost of moving. So its no wonder that somebody about to move to Dallas from Phoenix would want to save money in every possible way. Unfortunately, you cant just throw everything you own into your trunk and hit the road. You need the help of a moving company.

Here is where many people make the mistake of assuming that you can save money by doing it yourself and just renting a moving truck. Surprisingly, the cost of renting a moving truck can cost far more than using a full service moving company.

If you compare rates between a moving truck rental company and a full service moving company, it may appear at first glance that the DIY option is cheaper. Yet if you dig a little deeper into the comparison, using a calculator, you will find that the numbers add up in favor of a full service moving company.

When you rent a truck, the base rate is the fee charged for the truck size that you need.

If you are moving a very small load (often referred to as a studio apartment) you can definitely save money by renting a trailer that you can tow behind your vehicle.

However, anything larger (including a one bedroom apartment size load) requires the use of a bigger truck. The base rate increases on the size of the truck that you need, but here is where you can be fooled into thinking that moving truck rental is cheaper. The numbers appear cheaper.

In reality, the base rate for the truck you are renting is usually per day. So expect that affordable sounding rate to triple, at a minimum.

Considering loading the truck, unloading the truck, and the 15 hour drive you are looking at a minimum of 4 days for a move from Dallas to Phoenix. So multiply that rate by 4, and expect to bust your butt to achieve that rate. But wait, theres more!

Moving truck rental companies will also charge you mileage. While this may also sound affordable, the mileage from Dallas to Phoenix can add up to over a hundred dollars, at only 10 cents a mile.

One last number to add to that rate is fuel because you will be paying out of your own pocket for gas. Consider the mileage from Dallas to Phoenix again, and of course the rising prices of gas.

(Those rented moving trucks really dont have the best gas mileage either, so consider that fuel estimate to be a very rough estimate!)

Now that you have estimated what it will cost to rent a moving truck, and how exhausting it will be to do it yourself, compare this to the services that a full service moving company will do for you. Packing (the second most stressful thing about moving) can be handled in less than half the time it would take you to do it yourself, if you let a professional packing team handle your dirty work.

Within hours, your possessions can be packed and loaded into the moving vessel. In this way, you will be saving both time and money!

Another option that a full service company offers is insurance over your shipment.

While you may view this as extra spending, consider the loss in case anything were to happen. The insurance offered by a full service moving company will cover that just in case scenario, where as if you simply rent a moving truck you are risking the liability for both your shipment and the truck itself.

All in all, a full service moving company saves you far more than time and energy.

With a full service moving company, the fuel is included in your rate and there are further services available, such as storage units (in case your new Phoenix home isnt ready when your shipment arrives.)

Choosing a full service moving company will save you money!


About the Author (text)Nir Dotan is a writer and promoter of cutting edge companies such as http://www.omegashipping.com around the world.

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