How Many Type Of Floor Material And How To Use Them

We can divide type of floor materials into 5-6 types, each of them has advantages and disadvantages, and this is very difficult for you about how to choose the most suitable one for your house 1. Carpet Carpet is the materials that very popular, due to it is, easy to install, has many colours and patterns, make your room looks comfortable and luxurious and not too expensive. However, carpet is the material that difficult to clean, maintain and has short life time. If you are the person who loves to change your room atmosphere often, carpet maybe a good choice for you.

2. Wooden floor Wood is the original material for making floor that people familiar with for long time ago. In the past, we can see almost every house use wooden floor. Today, wooden floor become rare and also become the thing that people dream about to have. Because wood is the material that very expensive than any other flooring material.

The way that we use wooden floor from the past is also changed, in the past we just put the wooden board on the crossbeam, but today, we generally put wooden board on the cement floor. Even though wooden floor is very expensive, they still be a good investment if you can afford it because wooden floor not only give the great look, but also very good feeling when you step on it. 3. Parquet floor Parquet is what we call small pieces of wood installed piece by piece on the cement floor.

The parquet piece can be connected both by using glue and locking reed of each piece. Parquet floor is generally cheaper than wooden board floor. When install the parquet, make sure that cement floor is completely dry and coated with anti-leak solution. Quality of the glue use to stick also important, choose only high quality and water-proof. After install, leave it for about one or two days before polish the floor and in order to let piece of wood firmly stick together and do not put the piece of wood too close, which will make the wood crack or curve later after install.

4. Glazed tile Glazed tile is also popular at present time, because it is very convenient to install and long lasting as well as has many patterns and colours. Install glazed tile on cement floor need lower skill labor work than install Parquet or wood.

To install glazed tile, the cement floor doesn't have to completely dry, but still need to be anti-leak solution coated. Be careful if you use pattern glazed tile for your house, because every tile has its own pattern and you can not remove it if you install in wrong order or mismatch the pattern. The other problem of using pattern glazed tile is difficult to find spared tiles for the same pattern that you currently use, so when you first buy the tile, you should buy some spare ones in case of replacement. 5. Marble and Granite It is no doubt that marble and granite is the most luxurious and durable materials among any material But due to its price, which much higher then others, so they are not quite popular. However, now the price of some type of marble and granite are lower to close to the price of other materials.

The most important thing is you should not install marble in the area that facing sunlight, this will make it become pensive.

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