How To Create A Spicy Mexican Kitchen

Show your family that spice isn't just for cooking by decorating your kitchen with Mexican home decor! Even if you've never decorated before you can get a great Mexican look in your kitchen by changing minor accessories such as tablecloths and dishware and adding some colorful paint to the walls. A good remodel can include alterations to flooring, lighting fixtures, decorative items and wall color as well as your kitchen table and chairs. It's not critical to have a matching table and chair set but the kitchen should have a variety of bright colored or rustic furniture.

To really showcase the Mexican design style, try using items with a painted distressed finish. Your window treatments are important to your Mexican home décor design. To get a great design in your kitchen go with using a simple valance or shutters or a wooden valance painted with distressed paint. There are numerous treatments that you can match up to this decorating style especially if you match fabrics to your window treatments, but you should take care to avoid heavy drapes or modernistic looking treatments. Decorative accessories are a must to pulling your Mexican home décor look together.

Even if you can't do anything else - you can get a new look by adding different decorative items! Concentrate on buying tablecloths, dishware and canisters, in colors and patterns that match your Mexican design style. You won't believe the impact a few simple changes can make! You should to include lots of old rustic pieces in addition to wrought iron pieces and you can even try some colorful hand painted wooden pieces to get a unique look for your kitchen. Incorporating additional touches like vintage hand painted Mexican pottery can make your room appear like it was done by a professional. What's on your floor can add to the decorating scheme, but if you can not buy new flooring in your kitchen then work with your floors by covering them with area rugs that have a Mexican look. If you do want to go with new floors, try rustic hard wood or tile floors. Lighting is necessary in your home and the kitchen is no exception.

To compliment your Mexican home décor design, you should consider light fixtures in terms of type as well as style. When you are incorporating a Mexican look, try a tin chandelier with scrolly metal wall sconces or anything wrought iron or rustic looking. A vital ingredient when decorating your kitchen with a Mexican inspired style is your wall coverings. For this decorating style the room colors make a big difference - consider adding reds and bright blues either in your wall color or your accessories. Try using a stucco on the walls, or maybe go with faux paint that resembles plaster. You don't have to get too fancy or spend a lot of money and if you are afraid of too much color, simply paint the walls a neutral shade and put the color into your flooring and accents.

The most important and most fun part is adding art and decorations to your walls. Try adding a hand painted mural or hang some vintage Mexico travel prints to your kitchen walls to really bring out the spice of your Mexican design style. You can also fill the wall with mexican pottery plates and platters hung in wrought iron plate holders or hang shelves and fill them with colorful and interesting Mexican clay jugs. Getting a great Mexican look in your kitchen doesn't have to take a lot of money or time.

Smart shopping for accessories and making a few simple changes can add a little zing to your room in no time!.

Lee Dobbins writes for www.a-kitchen-decorating-idea.com where you can get more great kitchen decorating ideas.

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