Landscape Planning for a Natural Look

Every single inch of your landscape is important to the look as a whole. If one thing is out of place, it could mess up the style of your whole yard. Even if you purchase a home or lot with an undesirable yard, you can use soil improvement, grading, fencing, and terracing to make the area much more usable. You can use nutrient rich soil that will fight against pests and diseases, creating strong, healthy plants. The array of plants available due to hybrids is huge.

Any color and style that you could want is available. There are a variety of new gardening tools and materials to help you spend less time in your garden to do the same tasks that used to take longer. Also, there are new ways to make even a small suburban yard into a grand space only previously possible on large estates. You can see much of the outdoors from inside of your home. Modern styles have brought large windows, glassed in sun porches, and terraces to homes. With the garden and landscape becoming a larger part of one's home, the importance of your landscape's appearance has grown.

Many standard decorating principals apply when you are planning your landscape. You must think about proportion, texture, color, line, harmony, and function. Careful planning is key especially when placing large heavy landscaping rocks. You can get design ideas from garden books and magazines.

You probably won't find a single perfect design. Instead, it will most likely be best for you to mix and match different ideas to fit your families specific needs. Talk to your family about what they want in your yard and try to accommodate all reasonable desires. Costs and space are the biggest limiting factors. You should write a list of what your family wants, such as a barbeque, play house, fence, badminton court, putting green, etc. Once you do that, you can draw a plan of where the different elements will go.

It is a huge project to do everything at once, so you should also plan a schedule of the sequence you will work on the different sections. You should choose the order so that even when the yard is incomplete, it looks nice as it is. It should never look completely bare. You should also make the choice based on what you need first. You can think of your yard as being in three sections, the public area, the service area, and the private area. The public area should be as maintenance free as possible, while looking as nice as possible.

This is so when you can't spend a lot of time on maintenance, your landscaping will still look nice. The public area is the area that is seen from the street, so it is very important. The service area is where you have parking, storage, garbage disposal, etc. This area should be kept completely separate from the private area, so when you have deliveries or are working in the service area, the private area will remain secluded.

The private area is most important for your personal satisfaction. It should be the largest area. It should be secluded, using trees, vines, and fences. It should also have plenty of comfortable seating options and room for children to play without destroying fragile flowers.

Creating a landscape is an interesting process that never truly ends. The creation of a beautiful landscape is satisfying by itself, but it will also bring you many more great moments. You, your family, guests, and neighbors will all enjoy looking at your beautiful yard.

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