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Nowadays it appears that the numbers of people who like to live in a single room seem to be growing up. As it could save much more money, e.g., lower heating bills, save energy for cleaning, and everything is so convenient. However, there is also disadvantage for this life style, i.

e., it has limited area that you need to maximize utilities for each area in one room. Therefore, we could see that this life style is so popular; many people change their behavior to spend their lives in a loft or warehouse. It provides the dweller to have everything in such a limited area at the same time of getting convenient and easy life.

What should we start to have this life style? Specifying what your needed area is At the beginning, you should determine which kind of a single room will satisfy your needs. Should it be just decorated as a widely open room or separated into portions? If your answer is the latter, you could start by planning and accomplishing it step by step. You should maximize utilities of what furniture you have. For instance, you could divide your room into section with a large piece of furniture, a tall book-case to separate each area instead of fixing it by permanent wall.

Or you may use the hanging curtain for this purpose. For the kitchen, you may use a clutter desk to separate to be the cooking area and at the same time to conceal the sink which maybe full of the dirty dishes to be invisible. On the other hand, we may use the screens to make it flexible and easy to set up.

Or you may also use it in the kitchen for cooking area. It sometimes is applied to make the pathway to the hall, dining room or set for a dressing room. Besides, the screen could also be applied to your bed area instead of curtains or blinds. Another interesting and mostly applicable separator is to make different step of the floor for different area.

You may construct a platform for your bed or eating area. Or just use the color of the rug at floor to divide it. Setting the right area to the right place It is certain that only the partitioning area is not enough to finish your task. You also have to define thoroughly which exactly area should be located. For example, the dressing area should be certainly far away from the cooking area as possible. Due to fabric could easily get smelled.

On the other hand, the eating area and cooking area should be set as near as possible. In addition, the height, size and feature of eating table should be chosen to match with the setting area. The table should not too big if it leaves only small corner.

Or it should not too small until you feel that the pathway is too wide. In the narrow pathway that is left, the rounded table should solve the problem. Therefore, well-planned setting would play many roles for a lively single room which we would discuss in further details.

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