Modular Homes are Guaranteed

So you've heard that modular homes are better built and are superior to site-built homes, but can modular homes back it up? Absolutely. Warranties are routinely available for modular homes. At ZN Custom Homes, we utilize the knowledge and experience of Bonded Builders Warranty Group. In general, your warranty for your new modular home covers defects in materials, workmanship, electrical systems, plumbing systems, and mechanical systems that are within standard performance standards for the industry. This enables you to be rest assured that your investment is secure.

But what might not be covered? While the details are in each individual policy, the warranty covers the above systems well and any major structural defects. If damage results from an appliance, a fixture, or other faulty equipment, this does not reflect the home's quality; therefore this is not typically covered under a manufacturer's or builder's warranty. For instance, let's presume your home is in perfect quality condition, but the range you just bought has an electrical fault and starts a fire. The faulty piece of equipment is the range, not components of your modular home.

Therefore, this would fall outside the warranty. Likewise, the warranty does not replace appliances and fixtures added to the home. These are usually covered under their own manufacturer's warranty. Major structural defects are defined as actual physical damage to a load-bearing portion of the home that causes the home to be unsafe, unsanitary or otherwise unlivable. This could relate to problems with the interface between marriage walls, underlying defects in plumbing systems or electrical systems, or other structural problems that make the risk for home damage or personal injury high. However, because modular homes are so well built, agencies are happy to warranty their product.

Being that modular homes are inspected thoroughly throughout the process of construction, and because they meet the highest building codes, modular homes have had no difficulty finding warranty companies to back them on a routine basis. In the building process, other agents likely perform other services outside the home itself such as landscaping work, pool installation, and other finishing touches. Your modular home warranty essentially covers the components of the modular home itself as outlined above and the associated work to those areas performed by your builder.

If you have problems with other facets of your home, individual subcontractors or product manufacturers may have additional coverage to address these issues. If not, standard home insurance policies may be another potential source of coverage. The bottom line is that we stand behind the quality of your new modular home by providing warranty coverage for 10 years! This demonstrates our confidence in our homes.

If the quality was poor, it would be difficult to find high standard companies like Bonded Builders Warranty Group to provide this coverage. But this is not the case for the modular home industry. This reassurance not only helps you sleep better in your new home, but also helps make your decision to build modular much easier.

Michael Zenga is a Modular Home Builder in the Boston, MA area. He founded ZN Custom Building, in 2002, which specializes in modular home construction. Contact Michael and let him guarantee a Modular Home for you today!

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