Planning to get New Drawer Pulls

You have just got some new furniture made in your house or have renovated the old one. Obviously there are drawers and cabinets in it. Now, without a knob you possible can't open the drawers.

You need some knobs and these knobs are called drawer pulls. They help you to pull open the drawer. There are various types of pulls available in the market. You can put drawer pulls to multiple uses. If you visit some older homes, you will find that the same drawer pulls are being used as deco and cabinet drawer pulls. Five or six decades ago, most homes used these pulls on kitchen cabinet drawers and cabinet doors, and in other rooms too on inbuilt cabinets.

There are antique drawer pulls which are of antique styles of handles and knobs. They remind you of olden days when the artistic craft of elegance was at its zenith. It may be a knob, handle, bin pull or hood. They are available in a wide range of finishes and styles and can be made of acrylic or glass, brass, porcelain, iron, nickel or chrome, ceramic, or other materials. There are crystal and glass pulls for the discerning customer. The difference between crystal and glass is quite perceptible - crystal is glass with a higher lead content, which makes it heavier, reduces bubbles, and improves light refraction and clarity.

Crystal pulls frequently have "cut" edges, which make it crisper in shape, while glass pulls have a softer-edged appearance and texture. There are many colors to choose from. Then, there are pulls made of brass and oak also. You can get exclusive products in six usual finishes (lacquered brass, un-lacquered brass, oil-rubbed bronze, burnished antique brass, brushed nickel, and polished nickel). There are figural antique pulls that are highly decorative.

They have designs of the head of a dragon, lion, serpent, angel, or any other figurines. There may be scrolled patterns which extend to form the handle. These types of pulls attract the children very much. It is easy to find a pull which truly matches with your period piece of furniture. It is an easy task.

However, the task of choosing among so many attractive designs is quite a hard one. But you can also use antique drawer pulls to put a touch of elegant traditionalism to ultramodern cabinetry or furniture. New pulls will bring about a radical change in the appearance of a modern-day bedroom set. They are also a great way to give your kitchen cabinets a new look. Thus, there is a huge variety to choose the one you find most appealing. There is one for everyone.

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