Plants and Design for Your own Garden of Eden

What's the best thing about gardens? There is unlimited potential. Your garden can be simply three lettuce plants, or you can have a hundred acres of delight. Another fabulous thing about gardens is that they can enlarge.

Growth is the essence of gardening. It's amazing to think that a large 200-foot tall tree started with only a small little seed that could be held in your hand. Garden sculptures can be created as your garden grows.

While a large garden can be a beautiful thing, it's really just a collection of plants without the right structures to support and enhance the appearance. Creating your very own Garden of Eden with your plant collection is really possible with garden structures. You'll realize what growth and nature is all about when you walk into your garden and see the beauty you helped to make. Start your garden design with the entrance.

Many people give little thought to the gateway into their garden, but this is where first impressions are made so it should not be neglected. There are many types of gardens to create, and you can pick the one that best matches the ambiance you would like to make. One idea is to install a metal archway from a gardening store and plant ivy or other climbing vines at the base. The plant will cover the arch eventually as it grows and creeps around.

Allow your visitors to feel as though they're stepping into a magical forest with they approach the gateway! The plant formations will speak for themselves once they are inside the garden. The mood that your plants illuminate can be greatly enhanced by the structures that are used. A table and some chairs is the first structure to be added. These will allow people to sit comfortably and enjoy the world you've created for them. To avoid giving the space a forced feel, you'll want to make sure the table and chairs you select match the natural feel of your area. Ivory-white or rustic wrought iron both work to capture this feeling.

The final must-have in a garden is a fountain to become the centerpiece. Everything should revolve around your fountain. When you enter a garden your eyes are drawn immediately to a fountain area.

This is why a fountain is essential for your own Garden of Eden.

Dennis Goinich and his wife wanted their own garden of Eden so they started with the landscape design Sacramento firm of Hall Design and started by looking at the online galleries of ideas on their website. Hall Design took care of the whole process from design to contractor bids and they highly recommend them when looking for a Fairfield landscape design architect.

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