PVC Pipe Repair When Theres A Leakage

It can happen in any household. You too can face the problem of leakage of PVC pipes in your basement. A small leakage can mess up the whole environment. Often it has been found that after the leakage is detected the users rush to change the old fitting and replace it by the new one. Many also try to use PVC cement and primer to seal the leakage portion.

But none of these are suitable techniques to deal with this leakage problem. The correct technique of repairing Remember one thing. Parts of the PVC pipe can be replaced anytime.

But that will cost you more and the old pipe will be of no use. One of the most convenient ways to block or seal the leakage can be done by using neoprene couplers. Now what is this? Neoprene couplers are made of rubber clamped with metal. Since the rubber is supported by the metal clamp, there is no need of cementing to join two parts of the same pipe. After you have detected the leakage part divide the pipe into two sections. Then join them together with the neoprene coupler.

This is easier and fruitful. Or else you will clamp the rubber sleeve with the metal all around the pipe and finally find that the leakage is still there. Sometimes you may find problem with the placing of the coupler. Since you have cut the pipe there may be a problem in the joining. The chances are less. But if you face such a problem you need not worry.

The plumber uses a special type of metal hanging tape. Use this tape as the ultimate tool for the sealing of the leakage. Now there remains absolutely no probability for the leakage in the PVC pipe placed in your basement. Avoid the use of putty for a durable repair The simplest mode of repairing the PVC pipe is by locking the seal with putty. But putty has no sure shot guarantee.

Whenever the putty is surfaced around the leakage that forms a hard coat and after some time splits into parts. As the putty is not flexible enough to bear the expansion and contraction of the pipe the bonding is not perfect and the leakage can take place once again. Instead of wasting money and energy on the fixing of the putty, it is better to give a call to the plumber for the repair. If you are confident enough to do it on your own and know the techniques of joining through neoprene couple you are most welcome to do so. Or else seek the help from the right person.

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