Sure Signs of Great Area Rugs

So, you're thinking about removing that old rug of yours and get a new one? Have you found the perfect new area rugs to furnish your home with? There are a lot of kinds of rug in the market and you can find hundreds even thousands different models of area rugs. To make your buying decision a little easier consider the following list of what makes an area rug a great area rug. 1. Durable Great rugs last years after it were bought. Of course the rug will last longer if you put it in a not-too-busy area but any reasonably built rugs made from high quality materials should last at least five years since purchase. Any less than that and you are being ripped off by the seller.

2. Non-toxic and non-allergenic A very important point especially when you got kids or someone with health problem in the house. There's no point in having a beautifully decorated floors when it compromise your family's health. 3. Easy to clean and vacuum When you have kids and/or pets an easy to clean rugs is a must.

Once you install the rugs you will certainly have spills, dirt, puke and even poo on it. If cleaning the rugs takes an awful lot of effort or time then it's just not worth it. I mean it's okay if it requires some cleaning with carpet cleaners but no more than that.

So, how do you know which area rugs are easy to clean? Easy, just ask around. Your families or neighbors would certainly be happy to tell their tale about their favorite rugs and carpets. And they would also willing to tell you which carpets are the one that giving them hard times in cleaning. 4.

Perfect color and patterns Perfect, in the sense that the rug should brightens / complements / match the room where it is placed. There isn't any strict guide on this so you just have to find the right match according to your room decor. 5.

Doesn't slide around Slippy rugs are as annoying as they are dangerous. When you happen to shopping on a brick and mortar store check the bottom of the rug to see if it's slippery or not. Nobody like it when their carpet keep shifting from the spot where the laid it.

If you already bought a rug and it turns out to be slippery then you have can either return it or add rug pad underneath it. It shouldn't be a problem to find one large enough for your carpet these days. 6. Comfy You will walk on it right? And you may even lay down on it. So a comfortable rug / carpet is certainly necessary. It should be thick enough to feel 'cushy' under your bare feet but not too thick where it's getting hard to clean and too heavy to move around.

That's it. Hope this little list can help you in finding the best area rugs or braided rugs or whatever rugs and carpets you're looking for.

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