The Benefits of a Portable Hot Tub

Many people find a hot tub to be very beneficial. They find it to provide not only a place to make aches and pains better but an excellent place to entertain. A portable one is a quick and easy way to go. Soothing and relaxing are just some of the words people ordinarily use to describe their feelings after soaking in one and it's easier than ever to reap those benefits by using a portable hot tub spa.

First, analyze the difference between a hot tub and a spa, which other than its construction, was minimal. A spa was made of plastic or one other heavy-duty plastic. A hot tub was generally made of wood, such as cedar or redwood, after all they were both fitted with pumps and water jets and promoted relaxation. Today's combination of a portable one has minimal installation issues. All that is required is a flat surface strong enough to support the unit when filled with water an electric outlet to prove a 50- amp service and a garden hose.

With these three things you can be soaking in swirling, soothing water in just a few hours. A host of people don't appreciate gathering in warm water outside and there are many different portable hot tub spas that can be installed indoors. However, to fit all through a door there may be a sacrifice of depth and overall size. Many portable hot tub spas come with a lockable cover and are well-insulated providing relaxed use outside even in the coldest months.

Always entertain thoughts of hot tub safety first. As with any appliance combining water and electricity, there is always a danger of shock. Any electrical connections needed for it should be done by a qualified individual.

Many communities mandate electricity be hooked-up only by a licensed electrician. Additionally, due to the heat and depth of the water, youngsters have need to never be allowed near the portable hottub spa without the direct supervision of an adult. The lockable cover, which comes with almost everyone should be in place when not in use. On customary, if the portable hot tub spa is fitted with a quality water filter system, the water should not have to be changed additional than three or four times a year.

Chemical testing equipment is on the average reliable and will inform you when it's time to re-create and water and the filters. The cost of operating one depends largely on how frequently it is used and cost of electricity in the specific geographical area. On average, electrical costs will be between $15 and $35 per month, depending on location.

A portable hot tub spa installed indoors may cost less for monthly operation.

Jerry Cahill, webmaster and publisher for self help projects. See his most recent website at Hot Tubs

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