The Best Way to Induce Labor Naturally Safely and Effectively

When expectant mothers are past their due date, many obstetricians look towards medications to induce labor. The fact is many of the medications used are not always the safest way to induce labor; several have serious side effects that can cause complications for the mother and baby. Chemically inducing labor should be the last method considered when inducing labor is necessary. Despite modern techniques, medical labor induction still introduces considerable risk compared with natural onset of labor. According to the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services first-time mothers have more than twice the likelihood of Cesarean section with induction compared with labor that starts naturally. The risk is not from inducing labor but from the procedure.

If the cervix is not ready for labor, labor induction medication may increase woman's chance of Cesarean section five-fold, even if cervical ripening agents are administered. Additionally, medical labor induction typically involves the need for other interventions, such as IV drip, continuous electronic fetal monitoring, and usually confinement to bed that also can have adverse effects. Induced labors are usually more painful, which can increase the need for epidural analgesia.

Epidurals introduce a higher likelihood of adverse effects on the labor, the baby, and the mother. In general studies have shown that inducing labor with chemicals increases remarkably the chance of having a vacuum birth or a Cesarean section. Cesarean delivery is major surgery, and thus there is a risk of infection of the uterus and nearby organs, respiratory complications and unexpected reactions to anesthesia and other medications during the surgery, such as sudden drop in blood pressure. Babies born by Cesarean section are more likely to develop breathing problems and get low Apgar scores.

The low score can be an effect of the anesthesia, or the baby may have been in distress to begin with. It has also been suggested that the baby was not stimulated as he or she would have been by vaginal birth. Vacuum births commonly cause more damage and tears for the mother. When a vacuum is used as an aid during labor, babies may suffer from injuries including a dislocated shoulder. When inducing labor is necessary, the smarter decision is to consider alternative methods before trying using chemicals.

One of the most studied natural labor induction methods is acupressure. The holistic system of acupressure, used to induce labor, works by building on what the body does naturally. In this way, the use of acupressure can be remarkably beneficial during childbirth.

Labor acupressure can be very helpful in descending your baby, dilating your cervix, and starting and making the labor contractions more frequent and successful. Acupressure for labor has been proven to shorten the delivery time by helping your body to function better and to use its remarkable underlying capabilities. The chances of having a long labor are decreased becauseof this, therefore reducing any distress or suffering to the child.

Maternity Acupressure has been used by countless mothers to relieve pain and discomfort during labor as well as naturally inducing labor when their pregnancy was over due. The techniques learned at www.MaternityAcupressure.com are safe and do not come with the risks of chemical induction.

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