Things to Consider when Choosing Kids Bedding

Kids even as young as toddler age have a notion of what they like and don't like and that includes what they would like to see on their bedding. They may have favourite colours or characters and these can be a great starting point for choosing bedding that your kids are going to love seeing on their bed. When choosing your children's bedding it is useful to include them in some part of the decision making process. A child's room is an expression of their personality even at toddler age and they will undoubtedly want to have some say about how they want their room to look, particularly their bedding. The following are some things to consider when choosing kids bedding.

The safety of bedding fabrics and fillings is an important consideration. Some children can be allergic to particular fabrics and/or fillings for duvets and pillows. With regard to duvet fillings it is wise to avoid duck feathers or down fillings. Opt for 100% fibre-filled duvets e.g. polyester or other suitable artificial fibres.

Always check the labels. With regard to pillows the same rules apply. Opt for foam or other synthetic fillings for pillows. Some manufacturers advertise their products as having 'anti-allergic' materials inside. Choosing these products means the allergy issue is dealt with. Pillows can accumulate a lot of dust even with regular washing.

Pillow dust covers are useful underneath the pillow slip. It is recommended that pillows be replaced every few years or sooner for kids with known allergies. With regards to the choice of fabric, choose natural or organic fabrics. You cannot go wrong with 100% cotton bedding or at least a cotton/polyester mix. The grown up consideration of safety dealt with, it's now time to turn your attention to the style and design of the bedding. Time to consult your kids! It's here where your kid's imagination and preferences should be used to good effect.

It is also with regard to bedding design where your child will be spoilt for choice. Choosing characters from your child's hobbies helps to narrow down the choice. Choosing characters or themes that appear in bedding sets of sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases, can give an overall co-ordinated feel to the room. Of course you can also find these themes in other kid's room accessories like kids door knobs, bookends and kids curtains and rugs. Be careful when choosing age and gender specific designs as kids outgrow particular characters.

Before you invest in expensive character bedding try to check out if your child's love for these characters is a lasting feeling or just a passing phase. If you go for age-related character favourites, be prepared to replace them frequently. On the other hand, choosing themes like fairies, bears, and the ocean for example you may be able to change things less frequently as children's fascination with themes may last longer than a faddy interest in the latest TV character.

Kids duvet covers with well chosen themes can last through into teens. Finally, kids bedding can get dirty very quickly and require regular maintenance, therefore remember to choose fabrics and fillings that are durable and machine washable. Again you cannot go wrong with durable cotton and organic fabrics.

Choosing children's bedding with your child can be great fun particularly for your child. Having established a budget, you can help your child to engage their imagination and assert some independence at the same time taking into consideration some of the 'grown-up' guidelines above like safety and maintenance. On-line shopping for kids bedding can be a great time efficient way of getting exactly what your child likes at competitive prices.

Michiel Van Kets provides article for Colin Sidaway from Childrens-Bedding-Direct.com has been in the online textile industry for nearly a decade and appreciates what customers want from kids bedding as well as online shopping.

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