Victorian Furniture

Many homeowners today have been inspired by a Victorian theme. Throughout the ages, this kind of sophisticated theme has brought joy and comfort to families from all over the world. The Victorian theme dates back to the reign of the famous queen of England, Queen Victoria. This queen has had the longest reign in English history. Her reign began in 1837 and ended in 1901.

Her long reign in England brought many significant changes, especially in the economy. From what used to be an agrarian society, England progressed to an industrialized society. Aside from the name of the Queen,' Victorian' also suggests other definitions such as architecture, art and other social and moral changes that transpired during the reign of Queen Victoria. It has been said that during the time of the Queen's reign major social changes occurred. Despite all the modern changes in this period, the most amazing thing is that all the traditions and customs are well-preserved.

People also acted in a prim and proper manner. People behaved properly, and the furniture during this period is characterized to exude great sophistication and class. The most remarkable Victorian furniture was the chairs.

The large puffy cushions of the chairs give the impression of royalty, just like Queen Victoria. And right up to this day, the Victorian theme among houses is still used by many homeowners. Victorian furniture is mostly used by housewives who want their homes to be comfortable and, at the same time, regal. The most distinguishing characteristic of Victorian furniture is the use of wood.

Only a small portion of the furniture employs the use of metal. Usually, people prefer the darker woods for their Victorian theme. The Dark mahogany with a reddish tint added is also a favorite of housewives and other homeowners. Other wood choices for Victorian furniture include black walnut, bog oak and rosewood. Just like the chairs, the cabinets, tables and beds are also large and very sophisticated. Because of the classy look of Victorian furniture, it has become a hit with European residents and has traveled as far as the United States.

However, the Victorian furniture found in the US is a little different from the original that is found in England. However, the feel is still very Victorian. Today, Victorian furniture is now known as antique because it is so different from the modern furniture introduced today. It really shows the true lifestyle of people from the past. But despite the modern setting we have today, Victorian furniture is still very much in demand. This kind is mostly requested by the rich and the famous as they have the ability to buy this very sophisticated furniture.

Also, avid collectors of antique furniture are always on the lookout for authentic Victorian furniture, despite its high price. Mostly, genuine Victorian furniture can be found in auctions and flea markets at prices that are relatively high. This furniture, however, will make for very interesting conversation when your friends drop by to visit.

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