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At one time, curtain rods were used for only one purpose - hanging curtains. Today they are much more decorative than utilitarian and are themselves an important design feature in many homes. Today's curtain rods are much more sophisticated and elegant than those of yester year. Rather than being mere metal or wooden sticks upon which we hang curtains and drapes, curtain rods are quickly evolving into pieces of art in their own right.

Wooden curtain rods are often made to look much more elegant than in the past. Many of them are crafted by hand and desired to showcase specific features of the wood. Many have designs sculpted into the wood and are finished with varnish in order to accent and protect the wood. This means you can find either Victorian wooden curtain rods or those that would fit with a much more casual western decor all made from good quality wood. Additionally, the strength and durability of metal rods for your curtains are no longer reserved for simple metal sticks. Consumers are now provided with many more choices when it comes to choosing the materials their rods are made of.

In addition to various woods, there is also the option of many metals including: chrome, brass, graphite, and wrought iron. With so many choices, manufacturers are rushing to develop beautiful designs that can be used many ways in order to best compliment the beauty of your curtains. You can even use rods to 'dress up' drab or ordinary curtains. In addition to innovations in the look and design of shower curtains, the installation of hanging rods for the shower has also evolved into a much less complicate process. You can install curtain rods on most interior surfaces of your home. No matter what style of home you have or your choice of decor there is a solution that will suit your style and your curtains.

Curtain rods do not only differ according to design and structure, they also come in many different sizes and shapes. As a result, it is important to measure your windows before purchasing rods. There are a few things you should really consider before purchasing them: 1) Your Windows. You must measure your windows, each and every one of them, in order to make sure you are buying the correct size. You will want to measure the outside of your window where you will actually be hanging your curtains.

2) Your Curtains. You will want to be sure that not only the type of material in your curtain rods will compliment your curtains but also that the color, stain, or design of your rods will look good with your curtains. 3) Strength of the Curtain Rod.

This is very important if you plan to hang heavy drapes on them. You will also want to make sure that the supporting devices are also quite sturdy in this situation. 4) Your Budget.

The newer rods do not necessarily come cheap. It is important to remember however that you can often find great knock offs of the expensive brands and styles for a fraction of the cost at discount stores. While curtain rods can add great design features to your decor you shouldn't spend the vast majority of your decorating budget on them. When purchasing curtain rods, keep all of these things in mind and you should be able to buy nice curtain rods for your home that will have an impressive impact on how much you enjoy your space as well as how others view it.

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