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The Internet is "Cool" for Real Estate
The Internet is "Cool" for Real EstateYou can look up anything on the web, including
things only Realtors could do in the past -- see homes for sale on the computer. How "cool" is it? Read our article.
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This Month's Real Estate Report
According to the National Association of Realtors, sales were the same this month as last month. How much? Did appreciation flatten out, too? Read the report and find out.
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Why the MLS is Important in Real Estate
The listing agent markets your house, but they don't usually sell it. If they did, then owners could just "copy" what listing agents do and they would be successful. Most aren't. The MLS is one difference and we explain why.
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Interest Rate Outlook - November
Alan Greenspan will no longer be the Fed Chairman very soon. Will that make a difference? What else on the horizon may effect interest rates, and where will they go?
Real Estate Consumer for Sale?
Real Estate Consumer for Sale?Are you for sale? You may be, without even realizing it. Once you fill out a form on some
seemingly pro-consumer real estate and mortgage web sites, you could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. We tell you how it works.
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